Dinner Party Prep: Gold, Bonds, Indigo & Seafood

Wondering if you are up to speed with topics that are likely to pop up at your upcoming party? Here’s a list of things that happened over the last week, that you should know about:

gold_iconGold Goals:

Gold prices are rising after a lull, thanks to an increase in buying by local jewelers and popularity overseas.
Old price: Rs. 32,000 per 10 grams
New price: Rs. 32,180 per 10 grams

Silver prices are also on the rise thanks to an increase in usage by industrial units and coin makers.                                                                                                                                      Old price: Rs. 40,300 per kg
New price: Rs. 40,600 per kg

bank iconThe RBI ‘Bond’

Rule of thumb: Bond prices & yields (return on bonds) move in opposite directions.

The recent rise in bond yields has caused government bondholders to panic. Who will buy their bonds if the prices keep falling? Thankfully, the RBI has said that they would be buying bonds worth Rs. 10,000 crore. This means there will be more cash in the market, driving bond yields back down.

Plane emojiIndiGo Grounded: 

IndiGo’s parent company (InterGlobe Aviation) saw a 20% drop in share prices last week, the most in 2 years. This may be on account of IndiGo’s 73% profit decrease (due to lower airfares and President Aditya Ghosh’s resignation). Experts still maintain a ‘BUY’ on this stock as it is still India’s largest domestic airline and one of the most efficient operators globally.

Fish EmojiSinking Seafood industry:

As per an ET article, Indian seafood exports are likely to see a slump in 2018-2019 because of an increase in the supply of shrimps, slow purchases by the U.S. and an impact of higher ‘anti-dumping’ duty on exports.

What anti-dumping duty means:

When a company exports a product at prices lower than those it charges its own home market its called as ‘dumping’. The anti-dumping duty is a tariff imposed by the domestic government on foreign imports to prevent this dumping from happening.

Now that you know these topics, the next time someone mentions them you know what to say.

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