Traveling On A Budget

Its December and we all have plans to fly somewhere exotic, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. But despite endless planning to control our travel budget we end up spending way more than we had accounted for.

Here are are some tips to keep in mind before you go wander-lusting:

#1. Timing is everything:


Travelling at odd hours means cheaper tickets. Example: A late night flight is so muchcheaper than a morning one.  Also book them at least 10-12 weeks before leaving if you are sure of the destination. Another tip before searching for flights is to go on incognito mode. Every time you look for air fares online, your cookies and server details automatically get recorded with these portals and that’s why prices go on increasing. To avoid this, use incognito mode while searching for air fares. Another fun fact is to book tickets on Tuesdays and Wednesdays because according to many  international studies these are the cheapest days to fly. 

#2. Back up plans:


Many times the room or hotel you wish to book keeps on notifying you with increased fares after you’ve browsed it once. So always keep backups in case the desired accommodation crosses your budget.

#3. Local tipping customs:


It is very important to know about the tipping traditions of a country you are visiting because they might not be the same everywhere. Along with that it is also important to know the tipping practices you have to do.For instance, in Mexico it is usually expected to be pay 10%-15% to the servers whereas in Fiji they don’t promote tipping at all. If you know these amounts beforehand you can account for them while making your travel budget. 

#4. All about lists and plans:

Plans and lists.gif

List down your rough budget before you travel. Make lists of restaurants to go to, places to visit and attractions to see. Pre-book places that can be booked to avoid paying extra. Even transport between places can be pre-booked.  And since everything is available on the internet a simple google search before your trip can help you save a lot. 

#5. Money apps to swear by:

Money apps.gif

Download these smartphone apps that help you organize your trip expenses by storing all the receipts so that you can tally your spends after the trip. Few of these apps are: Splitwise, Spent, Trail Wallet, Travel Money etc.

#7. Go plastic with your money:Credit and debit cards

It is safer, economical, user-friendly, inexpensive and convenient for all users to use forex travel prepaid card instead of carrying large amount of hard cash. Now a lot of banks such as Axis bank, HDFC bank, ICICI bank etc. along with non-bankers like UAE Exchange, BookMyForex, Thomas Cook offer these cards.

#8. Be a snob by going to the unconventional locations:


While the “it” spots are so tempting to go to,  find  a place located just outside these popular vacation spots that offer the same climate and culture without the inflated costs. Also visiting those locations that recently may have seen a hit in their tourism are cheaper compared to the rest. For e.g. After the Greece financial crisis, tourism in Greece had dropped down. In order to encourage more tourists to visit their country they were offering great deals on airlines and hotels. 

Keep these hacks in mind the next time you travel and if it makes a difference, share your story with us at


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