Dinner Party Prep: Delhi Smog, Google & Just Dial, Gold Prices & More

Wondering if you are up to speed with topics that are likely to pop up at your upcoming dinner meet?  Here is an overview of whats trending in economy and finance this week:

face-with-medical-maskWhen someone talks about Delhi Smog you can point out how it affects the economy.

The Delhi smog caused by Air pollution is not only a health hazard but also an economic one.  A World Bank study released last year revealed that India lost more than 8.5% of its GDP in 2013 due to cost of increased welfare and lost labor due to air pollution, reports Economic Times. Air pollution has cost Mumbai and Delhi $10.66 billion (approximately Rs 70,000 crore) in 2015.

This is a huge cost to pay, thus measures to control pollution like banning fireworks, the delhi odd even rule will not only help prevent air pollution but also the economy.

bank iconWhen someone says foreign investors have gained interest in Indian markets you can say it was because of the government’s recapitalization program

In the last dinner part prep we saw how Indian investors have become bullish about bank stocks after the government’s recapitalization program. This move has also attracted many Foreign investors who had stopped buying Indian shares in August and September. They have heavily started investing in Indian markets again. Companies such as Citigroup Inc. and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. also increased their investments in India.

restaurantsWhen someone talks about restaurants becoming expensive you can say that G.S.T. on restaurants has reduced:

The G.S.T. Council meet on Friday at Guwahati announced that the G.S.T. on restaurants will be reduced to 5% from 12 per cent or 18 per cent earlier depending on AC or non-AC restaurants. Apart from this they also announced the tax cut on items like detergents, furniture, electrical switches,  plastic and ceramic pipes, among 140 other items in the 28% category.  Click here for a full list of rate cuts on various items

googleJust_DialWhen someone talks about Google you can say that it’s rumored to acquire Just dial.

Google has been talking to Just Dial for an acquisition for some time. Both the companies entered into exclusive talks about two months ago, reports Business Standard quoting an investment banker familiar with the discussions. This impacted Just dial shares which jumped to Rs. 549.85, 19.79% higher than the previous session’s closing. The stocks rose so quickly after the news was leaked. However, Just dial denied this acquisition proposal, and this dropped the stock price to Rs. 500. 

GoldBarsEmojiGlobe emojiWhen someone talks about the Global demand for gold you can show where India stands in this context:

World Gold Council reports that Global demand for gold has fallen during the third quarter of 2017 compared to the same period last year. The reason for this could be G.S.T. and the new anti-money laundering regulations governing jewelry retail transaction. This has been the lowest demand recorded in 8 years. However gold demand from Central Bank has been healthy.


email usNow that you know these topics, next time someone mentions them you know what to say. If there are any such topics spoken about at a party that have made you feel out of the loop, write to us at hello@missmanage.com and we will cover it in our next edition.


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